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Five Reasons to Say ‘Yes’ to Cloud Computing

‘Cloud computing’ is a term that you probably hear a lot these days but what is it exactly? In simple terms, a ‘cloud’ is a virtual server which is hosted over the internet that lets you store information and ‘borrow’ computing power without you having to buy a server of your own. For example, if you have a website which gets a lot of traffic and requires you to store huge amounts of information, then instead of using several costly physical devices to get the necessary processing power and storage space, you can just use a cloud computing service to handle both of those functions. Now that you know what cloud computing is, here are five reasons why your business should be using it:

Reduce IT Costs for the Business

It takes money in the form of time, equipment, infrastructure and personnel to set-up and maintains servers in-house. If you’re a large business that deals with great volumes of information, you will keep incurring costs trying to upgrade your hardware to keep up with your increasing technological needs. If you’re a small local business, you may not have the means to establish your own IT department or even to constantly hire IT technicians. Subscribing to a cloud service from an IT support company Melbourne-based (or from elsewhere in Australia) allows you to focus on your core business while keeping costs down. You just pay a monthly or annual subscription for access.

Increased Security

Cloud service providers spend a lot of time ramping up their security, investing a lot of time and money to make sure that their clients’ information is protected. This way, even small businesses receive the opportunity to have their information protected by the latest, cutting-edge cybersecurity technology, which they wouldn’t otherwise have had access to.


Many third-party business apps which are coming out these days are cloud-based or required a cloud-based model to work with. These provide functionalities such as document sharing, reporting and analytics, connected to the information that you have stored in the cloud. This can help your business to move on to a more seamless, collaborative experience. As a result, you will definitely see a spike in efficiency in each workflow that you integrate.

Remote Access

You can set up the cloud service to allow you to access important information from wherever there is an internet connection. So if you’re on the road and you suddenly need to check on something, you can log into the cloud using a laptop or even your mobile phone. If your business has offices in several locations, each team can access the same cloud and therefore the exact same information.

Efficient Use

Cloud computing services usually have separate packages with different features and pricing. You can just pick the package that best suits the technical needs of your business. If you suddenly find that you need more or less out of your cloud service, then you could always upgrade or downgrade to a different package as necessary.

More and more businesses are integrating cloud computing into their systems and for a good reason: it makes everything faster, safer, more convenient and more efficient.  With cloud service providers offering basic packages that all businesses can afford, there is simply no reason to not make the switch to cloud computing.

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