How to Attract More Young Customers to Your Product

Young customers, defined as those under 30 in the millennial or iGen generations, are notoriously difficult to sell to. An overwhelming majority of young customers do not respond to traditional marketing material like TV ads or PPC ads. It can be quite perplexing for marketers to attract younger customers. The challenge must be overcome to ensure the continuation of the brand. Here are several useful tips that will help your business attract young customers to your brand:

Create New Mobile-Based Experiences

The younger generation is practically glued to handheld devices like smartphones, tablets, fitness trackers and other wearable and hold-able gadgets. In comparison, the older generation accesses online services near exclusively using computers. If you want to market to young customers, then you need to target them using a mobile-first approach. Design a great app and make online services highly responsive. Partner up with a reputable local company like Appscore to offer mobile services that are statistically most likely to attract younger customers.

Invest in Video Content

Unlike their parents, the younger customers do not prefer to read online material. They’d much rather watch the videos. This trend is largely driven by the younger generation’s affinity for mobiles over desktops. It’s much harder to read on a small mobile screen, but very easy to watch a video. Therefore, prioritise video in your content marketing plan. Invest in creating high-quality video content that can be shared on social media sites and blogs. Use relevant, trending topics for creating the videos. In addition to marketing videos, offer customers incentives to make their own, such as review videos. These are quite popularly shared across social media.

Offer Simple but Innovative Online Solutions

The iGen and millennial customers expect seamless and super fact online services. Therefore, partner up with a web development company to make sure all aspects of your brand’s online presence is as speedy as possible. For example, the site should be able to load under 2 seconds to retain young customers, and also Google. The online solutions, such as payment getaways, your business offers should be simple and straightforward. In addition, innovation is also important to go head-to-head with with the competition. Combine these two aspects to attract plenty of traffic and high percentages of conversions.

Experiment with New Tech like Augmented Reality

Don’t overlook the latest tech that you can incorporate to market your product, because the young customers won’t. New tech like augmented reality, AR, is becoming increasingly popular among youth. Companies are already using AR to deliver highly targeted and effective ads for young customers. Red Bull, quite recently, ran a Snapchat filter advertisement that went vial among teens. Likewise, try to think outside the box when it comes to millennial advertising.

Hire Social Media Influencers

Younger customers do not make purchases because they see an ad for that online. They much prefer to getrecommendations from others. The best example of this is social media influencers. These mini-celebs are enormously popular because of devout fan bases mainly consisting of the iGen crowd. If you want to sell something on social media, hire one of these influencers for excellent results results.

Use the above tips to perfect your plan to attract millennials and the iGEN.

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