Six Ways for Fireplace Cleaning

Fireplace cleaning may be complicated for some people. Although, actually if you know what and how to do, it will not be time consuming. The sound of crackling fire is a homey pleasure.


It is not only the joyful view on the cold evening but also a trustworthy heat source for the alternative.

However, the dirt and stain deposits continuously become solid into creosote. It will be the toxic and consequently become the possible substance which can set your chimney on fire. As you know, it is very dangerous.

Cleaning a brickwork fireplace and the chimney is a complicated task. However, if you know the right equipment, then fireplace cleaning is not really that complex or even time consuming. It is the small investment you be safe in your home.

The peace of being safe can make you more relaxed. Here are six ways for you to clean the fireplace correctly.

Care for the mess

Whether you will clean fireplace glass or just clean the fireplace, make sure to wait until the next morning. It is the least time after you have fire in your fireplace.

Wear old clothes and put on the gloves. It is the prevention because you may touch some toxic substances. You should care about yourself as well. You can use strong leather but it is better if you just use the rubber gloves for the household cleaning.

First, place some newspaper sheets on the fireplace floor. Arrange them carefully so some of the newspaper goes up to the fireplace walls. At least the sheets cover some centimeters of the walls. This will make them easily catch the dirt you will remove.

Next, cover the furniture around the fireplace. In addition, you should protect carpets and floors too. You can use cheap plastic cloth. Put the plastic bag into the big trash will be helpful a lot.

Put your hand over the ashes to confirm for remaining warmth

If the last fire you have is the big one, explore through the ashes using shovel. A fire hook can do as well. Take the fireplace grate and get them outside. You can clean it later on.

Carefully shovel the ashes and put them into a metal bucket. If you have shop vacuum, you can use it too.

Examine the chimney

Get the flashlight, squad on your knees and see the chimney. Carefully examine the chimney all up way to the tube. Make sure you look all the part of the chimney until the small metal door on the top.

This part usually is made of metal, pull it and tug it until the small door moves. Then once again check it thoroughly. Open the small door until you finish cleaning. For sure, you will see the dirt which has brown or black color. That’s the powdery remaining.

It is easy to remove them. Then you will spot other dried materials and it is thick and shiny. Usually its color is black and hard, this is creosote. Once you see it, you can clean fireplace glass right away.

Begin rubbing

To clean fireplace glass especially the creosote and dirt you can use a chimney brush which has shape of circular metal. This is the best one.

The brush has various diameters. They are available ranging from eight to ten inches or about 20 to 25 cm. Make sure to buy the brush with 2.5 cm bigger than the small door of your fireplace top. It is better if you get a flexible pole or two.

It will ease you to shove the brush through the way to the top of fireplace and spin it. You can get the brush and poles in the home supply stores nearest your house.

Clean totally

First, in the bucket, put the six tablespoons of TSP or its substitute and a cup of chlorine bleach. Mix them with a gallon or 3.8 liters of warm water. If you don’t really convenient with the previous substances, you can change them with baking soda or vinegar.

It is more natural, but it is based on your preference. Then, begin the fireplace cleaning from the high you are able to reach.

Clean up and rinse

Slowly remove the newspaper which is full of dirt and place them in the trash. Then rinse the fireplace for the last step of fireplace cleaning.

Make Your Kitchen into a Beautiful and Tidy with Major Appliances for Small Kitchens

Major appliances for small kitchens are indispensable for young mothers or young couples who just live in a small house. The kitchens are small they can still look beautiful with the right design and furnishings. If you have a small kitchen you can still cook comfortably. You can give a bright white color and clean. The white color will make your kitchen look brighter and more spacious.

kitchen appliances

Actual points that can make your kitchen more comfortable and spacious are appliances, storage and lighting. All three of these factors can be set so that your kitchen seem more spacious. With a broader view, you’ll find it convenient to cook in the kitchen. The kitchen is already laid out well must always be treated and cleaned. Dirty kitchen will make a lot of germs and diseases harmful to your family.

Tips to Organize a Small Kitchen

Before you select major appliances for a small kitchen, you can apply the following tips to organize your small kitchen:

You can put a fridge in the corridor, while the kitchen equipment can be hung on the wall with a range that suits your height. This placement is suitable for a small kitchen.
You can use a small round table that can be inserted into the corner of the room.
Use the inside of the closet door to hang other equipment such as gloves and others.
You can select major appliances for small-sized kitchens, such as small refrigerators and so forth so it does not require too much space.
You can use glass doors to create the illusion in your kitchen so that the kitchen looks bigger.
Install counter deeper in order to store more kitchen equipment.
Adjust the length of the floor tiles with your kitchen. Place the tile floor in a diagonal position.
Hanging frying pans and pot handles in a place that is easy to reach. Storage by hanging can be used to enhance the aesthetics of the kitchen.
Install kitchen sink width and in order to save space for washing dishes.
Make the underground storage which can be closed to keep the equipment to another.

Equipment for a Small Kitchen

There are many major appliances for small kitchens are available on the market. But some of you may not know what equipment to buy. Yet for a small kitchen, we must pay attention to the equipment that fit the size of our kitchen. If the equipment you are using does not match the size of your kitchen, your kitchen even then it would be too cramped. You also are not free to cook in the kitchen. Here are some tools that you need to know to complete your kitchen:

For a small kitchen, a stove to use is a type that can be implanted into a kitchen cabinet table. Do not buy a stove that is free standing. This stove has various advantages which the bottom of the cooker can be used for storage. We recommend that you use the stove with a length of 60-75 cm plant consisting of 2 to 5 stove.

There is a stove planting differentiated according to function. There is a special barbeque stove, cooker for frying, and stove shaped plates typically use electric stoves. The stove is 30 cm. if you want to use free standing stove, then use that has a maximum length of 80 cm.

Nowadays the fridge does not only consist of two doors. Many refrigerators advanced with three to four doors. We recommend for small-sized kitchen, you can use the refrigerator one or two doors up and down. Do not choose a refrigerator with the door left and right because it would be too wide.

Small equipment
There are many small appliances more practical to put in your kitchen. The equipment for example is baking, sodet, spatula, frying pan, egg beater, spoon, pan, and so on. You can make open shelves placed at the top of the cabinet. Arrange equipment such as dishes, pots, and bowls in the rack. Additional equipment i.e. pans and trays can be hung on the front wall of the kitchen. Random arrangement can be a unique decoration in the kitchen. Metal spoons, cutting board, spice containers and bottle opener can you display.

Cute kitchen accessories can make your kitchen more beautiful and cute. Hopefully it will be helpful to look for major appliances for a small kitchen.

5 Easy Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

No matter how nice-looking your bathroom is, there will always be a time when you want to change its look. When that time comes, you will mostly want to embark on a bathroom remodeling job to achieve your goal. At that time, you are fully aware that unless you want to waste your precious money, time and energy, you have to plan and execute the job properly. If you want to carry out bathroom remodeling job efficiently, consider taking the following factors into consideration.

bathroom interior

1. Do it yourself or hire a contractor.
This usually depends on how extensive the remodeling job is. If you only need to change the facing direction of your cabinet or to install a new mirror or a shower unit, you may be able to do the job without help. If the job involves knocking down a wall to expand the bathroom or other major works, a professional help provided by a contractor might be needed not only to make sure that the entire job is done properly, but also to make sure that everything that is done during the remodeling job is in accordance with local building codes.

2. Address the problem.
You have to decide what needs to be changed from your bathroom. You can inspect its overall condition to find out whether mold and mildew have caused serious problem there, whether there are tiles that need replacing, whether the lighting needs improving, whether a new shower kit that you just see in the store will be suitable for it, or whether the bathroom appears too cramped and needs expanding. Once you have addressed a specific problem that needs solving, you can start planning your bathroom cleaning and remodeling job.

3. Plan how you will solve the addressed problem.
When you are making a plan of how to solve the problem, it is recommended that you take the most cost-effective measure to solve it. If your bathroom looks too cramped, for example, you don’t necessarily have to expand it by demolishing a wall. Removing some bulky appliances, replacing those appliances with smaller replacements, or simply changing the color of your bathroom wall with brighter colors that create an illusion of space are some possible cost-effective solutions for your small bathroom problem. If you can think creatively, you can save a lot of money when remodeling your bathroom.

4. Think about improving the function of your bathroom.
Bathroom remodeling doesn’t necessarily have to be merely cosmetic. You can remodel your bathroom to make it look better, but you will take a big leap if your remodeling task also improves its function. In fact, it is the improved function of your bathroom that actually makes it feel new. There are various ways to improve its function. You can, for example, install under floor heating system or apply a spa theme to your bathroom to improve not only its look, but also its function. Think about everything that you can do to make your bathroom look and feel great and that is the core of a great bathroom remodeling project.

5. When it comes to hire a contractor, it’s time to select.
If you decide to hire a contractor to plan and execute your bathroom remodeling project, you should use your acumen and pick only a contractor whom you can rely on. Consult friends and neighbors with nice-looking bathroom and ask them to refer you to a contractor who handles the remodeling of their bathroom. When you finally meet the contractor, ask everything about credentials, experience, cost, and other features of the service the contractor provides to you. Be circumspect when hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor and you can make sure that the help provided to you will be cost-effective and satisfactory.

Planning and executing bathroom remodeling job is never too difficult to do if you know what is important and what is not. There are factors that you need to prioritize and there are ones that you can place in the last order. All factors that are mentioned above are mostly ones that you need to prioritize when remodeling your bathroom. Think about the smartest way to deal with them and you can expect your bathroom remodeling job to be accomplished properly and efficiently.

2016 Remodeling Trends for Modern Homes

Are you looking for interior remodeling trends? Every now and then, design interior is always evolving. Many people are looking for perfect interior to upgrade the look of their house. The most common thing that a homeowner usually does when he or she wants to remodel their house is by following the trends.

There are various remodeling trends that would make your house looks more modern, stylish, and up to date. However, some people do not remodel their entire house.

They only remodel several parts of their house like living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. If you don’t do proper remodeling, your house will end up looking shabby and odd.

In other words, if you don’t remodel the entire house, then you need to adjust the interior remodeling trends with the original interior design of the house.To help you figure out the best interior remodeling for your house, here is the list of recommended trends as your consideration.

The Latest Interior Remodeling Trends

Here are the latest trends for interior remodeling. You should try these strategies, consider the concepts, and then perhaps you can decide which materials that match your needs and tastes.

Let’s start with the kitchen! If you want a modern look for your kitchen, stainless steel appliances are highly recommended. The one that would make your kitchen looks stylish, clean, and up to date is the black and silver stainless steel.

But, if you don’t like dark color, you can always choose bronze. These appliances mark the beginning of modernity in your house. Stainless steel is clean, durable, and elegant. The material enables you to wipe out all the spots and dirt easily.

Another remodeling trend for your kitchen is the two tone cabinet. You can use granite or marble for the upper cabinet. If you like white, you can combine it with various wood tones. The two colors make timeless appearance. If you choose stainless steel, you can combine it with dark lower cabinet.

The next interior remodeling trends is for your living room. A living room is the heart of the house. It is a place for you and your family to chat, to get warm, to watch movie and eat popcorns. That is why remodeling this room can reset the mood of your whole family. Here, you can try using some outdoor fabrics if you are using fabric sofa.

Nowadays, it is getting harder to distinguish outdoor fabrics with indoor fabrics. The fabric is also available in various colors and patterns. Additionally, outdoor fabric is famous for its durability; for that reason, this type of fabric is perfect for your living room furniture.

Perhaps you use heated floors for your bathrooms. But, if you are living in a cold area, you can use these floors for your entryway. The natural look of the floors is even much better if you combine it with white colors and wood furniture. During winter, heated floors dry your boots and even help melting the snow.

Mirror is always a great idea whether you out it in your entryway, living room, or even in your bathrooms. If you have small space in your living room, you can hang or stick a mirror the one of the wall in the room.

The mirror will create a reflection of the room and makes it look bigger. A statement mirrors are brilliant. You can get rid of the old medicine cabinets. You should consider putting a wood framed mirror on the wall to boost the style of your bathrooms.

Mix and Match: Modern Materials

Mix and match is a great way to create something unique and more sophisticated. The best mix and match can be done when you are about to remodel your kitchen, living room, or entryway. You can mix some colors and materials all together.

To enhance the mood in your bedroom, you can play with colors. Paint is the perfect answer to transform a bedroom. Why don’t you try to be bold and paint one of the walls in your bedroom with a bright color?

If you don’t want to use paint, you can change the atmosphere in your sanctuary by installing rustic wood wall. Interior remodeling trends offer you some references before you remodeling your house.

Many Types of Washing Machine Trends

Washing machine trends are exactly what you need if you are the type of person who considers both style and efficiency important. A washing machine is an essential technology in any households. Do you still remember the day when people had to use both of their hands to do laundry?

In this day and age, all you need to do is to press a button and your clothes are ready to wear. Many current products of washing machine are packed with functional features which help to make them work efficiently.

Those kinds of technology will certainly make your laundry day less boring and more exciting. There are many high-tech well-designed appliances including washing machine products which are sold in different prince range.

  • Functional but Affordable Washing Machines

Many stores still provide a wide variety of reasonably priced washing machines especially to satisfy people’s needs to have a trendy but affordable technology which also still has functional features. If you fall into that category, our first recommendation will be Haier HLP24e that costs $300.

It is a portable washing machine so this product is the best choice for people who often move house or do not have a permanent laundry room. Haier’s capacity is 1.5 cubic feet so it is perfect for singles. If you need to rush, you just have to connect its water hose connection to the sink and voila, you are good to go. This affordable product also features several other thing such as LED display, 4 water level options, spin speed of 800-RPM, and also 4 wash cycles.

Another choice of affordable trendy washing machine for you is Kenmore 25132. This one is also a top-load washing machine just like Haier HLP24e and you only need to spend $425 to get it. People will probably not find many new features in Kenmore but there are a lot of excellent things come with this product which will certainly make up for the lack of new features. First thing first, it has the capacity of 4.3 cubic feet. And if you ask us, this product is definitely quite spacious for a top-loader type.

Kenmore also provides a wide variation of temperature and cycle options. It features a simple interface as well because instead of using buttons, it uses knobs to make the navigation a lot easier. However, just so you know, this model needs more water compared to other Kenmore washing machine products.

  • Trendy Front-load Washing Machines

If you can afford washing machines with slightly higher prices, there will be a lot more options in the market for you to choose from. The first and probably best choice for you is Electrolux Perfect Steam EFLS617SIW. You need to spend $1,000 for this product and it is still considerably cheap for people whose priorities in choosing washers are functionality and design.

This EFLS617SIW is a front-load washer which usually has this really sleek and elegant style. There are also a lot of unique features which comes with this product such as a reversible door, SmartBoost technology, 4.4 cubic feet capacity, StainSoak, a steamer, and also a specific place for detergent, softener, stain remover, plus premixes water.

The SmartBoost technology is really useful if you want to do a fast wash but with cleaner result. The StainSoak feature is also vital to get rid of tough stains.

Next is Kenmore Elite 41072. This product costs $1,105 but that is all worth it as this model has everything you are looking for. First of all, we all love front-loader because it is simpler and usually well-designed.

Kenmore Elite will also be your perfect choice if it is quite often that you have to do a lot of laundry. That is because the capacity of this washer reaches 5.2 cubic feet. However, if the laundry only fills half of its capacity, you can opt for Express Wash and get your clothes cleaned in merely 15 minutes.

This washing machine also has SteamTreat option to help you remove tougher stains. Kenmore Elite has a lot of cycle options as well, 14 to be exact. Its sleek interface is also designed really well. It will be perfect to complete your modern minimalist home design with one of those washing machine trends.

What You Should Know About Real Estate Valuation

Knowing the real estate valuation and the value of property is essential for finance, real estate for sale, investment, insurance, and taxation. Many people determine to buy the property which is helpful for real estate valuation. Here is you can see an introduction to the concepts and basic methods of real estate valuation.

Basic Real Estate Valuation Concepts

The major thing to be considered in determining the value of property is the future benefits coming from the real property’s owner. It is not the same as the consumer which is quickly used. The profit of the real property is known for long period of time.

The value of the property has to take the social and economic trends as the considerations. The government usually takes the job to control all the regulations and conditions especially on environment.

There are four elements about the value. First is the demand which is dealt with the need or desire for the owner in helping the financial. Second is the utility in satisfying the new owner’s need and desire. Third is the scarcity which the finite cover of opposing properties and the last one is the transferability. The last one is about the simplicity with the rights of the owner.

The real estate valuation is all about value which is also about price or cost. Cost is all about the actual expenditures such as labor and materials. Meanwhile, the price is all about the number of people should pay.

The value of course can be affected by the price and cost. They don’t have something to do the value. Talking about the market value, the appraisal is an opinion or estimation based on the value of the property for specific date.

The appraisal reports are employed by the businesses, individuals, government agencies and mortgage lenders. It is made when making the decisions in transactions of the real estate. The purpose of the appraisal is to decide the market value.

The most possible price of that property will be used in the open and competitive market. Market price which is the price used the property to sell is not always about the market value.

Appraisal Methods

There are three approaches which can determine the process of the property’s value.

  • Sales Comparison Approach

In real estate valuation, the sales comparison approach is usually employed for single-family homes and land. Some people also called this approach as market data approach.

It is the estimate value of comparing the property which has the same characteristics. Those properties are comparables in offering valid comparison. However, it must be similar with subject.

Also it has to be sold among a year in the competitive and open market. Moreover, it should be sold under the same market condition.

  • Cost Approach

The cost approach in real estate valuation can be employed in estimating the property value which has been enhanced by one or more buildings. This approach is different with the estimation of land and building’s value.

The estimations are added all to count the value all the property. The cost approach’s goal is get the assumption that the buyer will not pay more than the existing cost.

The cost should be comparable. This approach is helpful for the property which is not regularly sold. The examples are churches, schools, government buildings and hospitals.

  • Income Capitalization Approach

The income approach is considered the third method of real estate valuation. It is depended on the relation between rate and net income. Normally, it is used to estimate the value of property which can produce the income.

The examples are apartment, shopping centers and office buildings. This approach of real estate valuation goes straight away to the property’s subject for future income.